Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim

 Guest Speakers: Don & Lola Winans!


We welcome Don & Lola Winans from Australia.  Don will be sharing from the Word in this week’s morning worship service.  They have served the Lord in Australia for many years now & are experiencing a change in their ministry. 

What God has done, graciously, in & through their ministries over the years is incalculable.  We consider it a privilege to be involved, as many other churches are, in contributing to the work in Australia.  While no one is tracking, or even able to track, the lives that have been saved & changed, it is satisfying when God does use our lives for His glory & for the benefit of others. 

Come & hear what God has been doing & what the future holds as both Don & Lola continue to serve Him faithfully. 

See you Sunday! 

Pastor Jim

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim


 Personal Response to False Teachers!

Jude 1:14-21 – July 13, 2014AM 

There is an effective and an ineffective response to those who would side-track us from the truth.  All that Jude has said so far in this short little book is basically a back drop to what he addresses in the last six verses. 

Doctors, paramedics, soldiers, policemen, parents & teachers all have something in common.  They must be healthy, strong, and their own lives must be lived with integrity, before they can actually help someone else.  One of the first things a stewardess says to a passenger on an airliner; “In case of an emergency, place the air mask on yourself, first, before you assist your child.” 

We understand this logic and are fools if we do not ascribe to it with very few exceptions.  Somehow, we often miss the connection of this principle, as it relates to truth and error, spiritual health and building our lives on false premises.  The advice that Jude gives us is simple but not simplistic, and effective only when it is practiced with sincerity. 

Join us this Sunday! 

Pastor Jim

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim

 What we believe has consequences!

Jude 1:8-13 – July 6, 2014AM 

The perspective ‘live & let live” seems easy & appealing within our present day culture.  I would like to buy into this philosophy as well, if there were no serious consequences in the irreversible future.  Obviously, some things are not worth making an issue over.  They are here today and gone tomorrow, and seem to bear no set backs or derogatory results.  However, as sure as there is a God in heaven and as sure as there is a piper to pay some issues have serious consequences. 

What we believe at the core of our being, impacts life.  Once life is lived and seed is sown there are no ‘do-overs’ of the previous choices we’ve made.  Forgiveness & grace are always available, but there is a future to face with irreversible outcome for our choices. 

That is why our commitment to Christ is so important.  He is the only one who can forgive our past & He is the only one who has life to restore the present in order to rescue our future.  Jude gives us insight into what happens when we focus on the wrong stuff & make the wrong choices. 

Join us this Sunday! 

Pastor Jim

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim"

 Who were the heretics of Jude’s Day?

Jude 1:5-7 – June 29, 2014AM 

Jude intended to explain the Gospel of which he, himself, had experienced; but now needed to switch his approach to spend his time in defending the truth.  Does that still hold true today? 

While we have been given the direct command to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, to all people, until the Lord returns for His own in the rapture; we have also been given the clear mandate to defend the truth.  What Jude is telling us in this short little book is as relevant for us today as it has ever been for those of the first century. 

While much has changed through the years; Satan’s tactics & the human heart has not!  While we have dressed up the past issues with modern clothing & up-to-dated styles; the deception is as real as it has ever been.  In fact, in our time we have a greater deal of arsenal available to accomplish this deception. 

Join us this Sunday, your attendance at church does influence someone beyond yourself! 

Pastor Jim

Monday, September 16, 2013

Missions at Bethel

Bethel Baptist presents "Passion for Missions" 
October 4, 5 and 6
Featuring Lloyd Spear and Hospitals of Hope
Special guest speaker Gracia Burnham
Sunday at 6:00 pm.
For more information please call 286.0467

Having a heart that is burdened for world evangelism is what God desires of every believer. The Bible states that because God loved the world He gave His only Son. Developing lives that invest in the world and taking the Gospel to the world is a vital ministry at Bethel. From the annual Faith Promise Missions Conference to the short-term mission trips by church members to help on mission fields, we are making investments that are impacting lives in world evangelism. Our desire is to support quality missionaries but also to send out those from our ministry who have been impacted and called by God.

Below is a list of missionaries supported by Bethel. We thank God for their willing and faithful hearts and urge everyone to pray for the work they are doing.

  • Joel & Veronica Culberson - Awana missionaries serving in Kansas and Missouri. www.awanaksmo.org
  • Howard & Marcia Davidson - serving in Scotland
  • Geoff & Michelle Freeman - Campus Crusade missionaries serving in Rhode Island. www.geoffandmichelle.com
  • Rex & Jan Harmon - serving in Jamaica
  • Dorothy Johnson - Campus Crusade missionary serving in France
  • Jim & Patty Love - serving in England
  • Arlyn & Marcy Nies - Awana missionaries serving in North Dakota
  • Ricky & Jaime Ownes - missionaries to Wales
  • Dick & Linda Redding - serving in Mexico
  • J.A. & Pam Richards - serving in Wales
  • John & Beabea Rogers - serving in Indiana
  • Rocky & Ruth Schmied - serving in Wichita. www.web.me.com/rocklin
  • Jeremy & Jodi Smith - building churches with CBM
  • C.T.L. & Sharen Spear - serving in Florida. http://www.usachurchplanting.org
  • Willis & Neusa Stitt - serving in Brazil
  • Leandro & Julie Tarrataca - serving in Brazil
  • Dr. Greg and Linda Waller - serving in Mexico
  • Tony & Elizabeth Weedor - serving in Colorado
  • Don & Lola Winans - serving in Australia
  • Topeka Rescue Mission - www.trmonline.org
  • Hospitals of Hope - http://www.hospitalsofhope.org
  • Lighthouse - http://www.lighthousekc.org/
  • KBUZ -www.afr.net