Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim

Trust in the Character of God!

1 Samuel 7:1-6, 15-8-22

In a time when right is wrong and wrong is right, we must have confidence in the character of God to be able to determine our course of action in life. 

Those who have authority over us are placed into that position by God, Himself.  God is sovereign and He either places people into a position of authority or allows them to be placed into that position of authority.  The individuals who have authority over us are accountable to God. 

Proverbs 29:2 clearly tells us that those who are under authority are either helped (rejoice) or harmed (groan) by the rules they serve under.  Daniel Webster said “Whatever makes men good Christians makes them good citizens.”  While we are citizens of heaven, we must not minimize our responsibilities on earth. 

Join us this Sunday! 

Pastor Jim

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim

God’s Job Description for today’s Outreach
Jude 1:22-23

Jesus said that some of the evidences that would indicate that His coming is around the corner is that “. . . lawlessness will increase and that most people’s love would grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12)  I have not read, seen or heard of another time where people have had such a hatred for others and a hate/love perspective for self, as in our time.  They think and live only for themselves, and at the same time, actually living a lifestyle that is destructive to themselves, without meaning and without purpose. 

As a follower of Christ, this is the perfect scenario to demonstrate the difference that Christ can make within our lives.  Jesus tells us through Paul (Galatians 6:10) and John (1John 4) that if we do not love  other believers, and the lost within our world that hate their own lives while living for themselves then we do not love God either. 

In these few verses Jude tells us what our response should be to those around us who are lost.  The number one goal is to reach them with the Gospel.  It is the gospel that changes lives! 

Join us this Sunday! 

Pastor Jim

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor jim

 God’s Job Description for Today’s Believers!

Jude 1:19-25 – August 17, 2014AM 

What does God expect from us as Christ’s return is drawing near?  God never leaves us wondering what we ought to be doing or how we ought to live.  Throughout scripture, as well as here in Jude, God gives us clear direction as to what He expects from us as we are busily serving Him until He returns for us in the rapture. 

Warren Wiersbe tells us . . . “In attempting to minister to people, we must be careful and exercise discernment lest they do us more harm than we do good (Jude 22-23).  Concerning the Pharisees, Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Let them alone’ (Matt. 15:14).  God told the prophet Hosea, ‘Ephraim is joined to idols, let them alone’ (Hos. 4:17).  And Paul told Timothy to withdraw himself from certain troublemakers (1 Tim. 6:2-5).  Ask God for wisdom as you seek to help persons wandering from the faith,” 

God promises to keep His Word & He certainly has the ability to care for us, but we must allow Him to be God within our lives, in order for us to receive His approval in our day by day living.

 Join us this Sunday! 

Pastor Jim

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Drew

Once again I am privileged with speaking from the pulpit this Sunday.  I had an interesting experience this week.  Tuesday a coworker of mine at the fire station and I were tasked with teaching new recruits in the police academy hazardous materials awareness.  We were told that we didn't need to go into any great detail but to teach them how to use the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG).  The ERG contains a list of all of the chemicals that responders are most likely to run into while in the field.  For each of these chemicals there is a guide that tells you of its dangers and properties.  This is an invaluable resource for first responders.  The only catch is you have to know how to use it.  It can’t just sit there and never be opened. 
 As Christians we have an invaluable resource that all too often goes unopened.  Last week we talked about the Bible as being a source of Truth.  While the Bible was written by human hands it was “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16).  This means that the Creator of all has given us a manual for not only living life but getting to know Him.  It is not only important to read the Bible but we must study it.  By reading and studying the Bible we will be equipped to serve God (2 Timothy 3:17).  Please pray that truth will be spoken this week at Bethel. 
We look forward to seeing you there,
Pastor Drew

Monday, September 16, 2013

Missions at Bethel

Bethel Baptist presents "Passion for Missions" 
October 4, 5 and 6
Featuring Lloyd Spear and Hospitals of Hope
Special guest speaker Gracia Burnham
Sunday at 6:00 pm.
For more information please call 286.0467

Having a heart that is burdened for world evangelism is what God desires of every believer. The Bible states that because God loved the world He gave His only Son. Developing lives that invest in the world and taking the Gospel to the world is a vital ministry at Bethel. From the annual Faith Promise Missions Conference to the short-term mission trips by church members to help on mission fields, we are making investments that are impacting lives in world evangelism. Our desire is to support quality missionaries but also to send out those from our ministry who have been impacted and called by God.

Below is a list of missionaries supported by Bethel. We thank God for their willing and faithful hearts and urge everyone to pray for the work they are doing.

  • Joel & Veronica Culberson - Awana missionaries serving in Kansas and Missouri.
  • Howard & Marcia Davidson - serving in Scotland
  • Geoff & Michelle Freeman - Campus Crusade missionaries serving in Rhode Island.
  • Rex & Jan Harmon - serving in Jamaica
  • Dorothy Johnson - Campus Crusade missionary serving in France
  • Jim & Patty Love - serving in England
  • Arlyn & Marcy Nies - Awana missionaries serving in North Dakota
  • Ricky & Jaime Ownes - missionaries to Wales
  • Dick & Linda Redding - serving in Mexico
  • J.A. & Pam Richards - serving in Wales
  • John & Beabea Rogers - serving in Indiana
  • Rocky & Ruth Schmied - serving in Wichita.
  • Jeremy & Jodi Smith - building churches with CBM
  • C.T.L. & Sharen Spear - serving in Florida.
  • Willis & Neusa Stitt - serving in Brazil
  • Leandro & Julie Tarrataca - serving in Brazil
  • Dr. Greg and Linda Waller - serving in Mexico
  • Tony & Elizabeth Weedor - serving in Colorado
  • Don & Lola Winans - serving in Australia
  • Topeka Rescue Mission -
  • Hospitals of Hope -
  • Lighthouse -
  • KBUZ