Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim

Parenting the Smartphone Generation 

We are really excited about sharing the Sunday Morning service with you by inviting a guest speaker, Jonathan McKee, to our morning Bible Study (9:30am) & Worship Service (10:30am).  This will be a great opportunity to be informed about effectively communicating with our children & preparing them for their future. 

Source 4 Youth Ministry Jonathan MckeeMr. McKee will also be speaking with us at 4:00pm.  This session is for adults only, at his request; in that he wants the parent, grandparents & friends to personally share the information with their children that he will be presenting.  We encourage everyone’s attendance to each session.  This is a great opportunity to become informed in a ‘socially media’ culture. 

Due to the afternoon session we will cancel our Sunday evening ‘Life Groups’ for this weekend.  Look forward to seeing you at each session.  Child care will be provided! 



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim

 Going Where Christ is Not Named!


Several weeks ago we were challenged to participate in reaching the unreached world for Christ.  This after all is one of the key expectations Christ has of us as believers.  There are, of course, many varied aspects to accomplishing this task.  One aspect practiced at Bethel, to help accomplish this task, is to place a concentrated effort on missionary outreach during the month of October. 

Last week we sent some time distinguishing between a believer’s testimony and his/her witness.  This Sunday we will attempt to share a distinction that can be made between being a witness and being an active missionary.  After all Paul did say, in contemporary vernacular, “how can they hear unless someone tells them, and how can they share the Gospel unless they are sent?"  A great question he proceeds to answer both by his preaching and by his lifestyle. 

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!  Spend time, on Saturday evening, preparing yourselves, in order to hear from God as the Word of God is presented. 

See you then! 

Pastor Jim

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thinking Ahead with Pastor Jim

The Right Message and Messenger!

Luke 24:44-47 – October 19, 2014AM 

No one qualifies as Jesus Christ does to explain God’s missionary enterprise.  Christ appears on the evening of the first Lord’s Day.  He asks for food, eats before the disciples and begins to speak.  I believe this was one way to authenticate His resurrection.  Amazing words are uttered with genuine simplicity. 

Christ declares God’s purpose for His coming, as World Evangelization.  This was not a surprise; it was a well planned missionary enterprise God had predicted in earlier revelation.  Jesus said ‘All things must be fulfilled, which were written . . '

But within the plan were certain guidelines & qualifications to accomplish the will of God.  There was a specific message & God specific messengers in mind.  Nothing else would work, and nothing else was necessary.  After all, God does not make mistakes or is never short sighted.  We must recognize God’s wisdom and authority to fulfill His calling. 

See you Sunday! 

Pastor Jim

Monday, September 16, 2013

Missions at Bethel


Having a heart that is burdened for world evangelism is what God desires of every believer. The Bible states that because God loved the world He gave His only Son. Developing lives that invest in the world and taking the Gospel to the world is a vital ministry at Bethel. From the annual Faith Promise Missions Conference to the short-term mission trips by church members to help on mission fields, we are making investments that are impacting lives in world evangelism. Our desire is to support quality missionaries but also to send out those from our ministry who have been impacted and called by God.

Below is a list of missionaries supported by Bethel. We thank God for their willing and faithful hearts and urge everyone to pray for the work they are doing.

  • Joel & Veronica Culberson - Awana missionaries serving in Kansas and Missouri.
  • Howard & Marcia Davidson - serving in Scotland
  • Geoff & Michelle Freeman - Campus Crusade missionaries serving in Rhode Island.
  • Rex & Jan Harmon - serving in Jamaica
  • Dorothy Johnson - Campus Crusade missionary serving in France
  • Jim & Patty Love - serving in England
  • Arlyn & Marcy Nies - Awana missionaries serving in North Dakota
  • Ricky & Jaime Ownes - missionaries to Wales
  • Dick & Linda Redding - serving in Mexico
  • J.A. & Pam Richards - serving in Wales
  • John & Beabea Rogers - serving in Indiana
  • Rocky & Ruth Schmied - serving in Wichita.
  • Jeremy & Jodi Smith - building churches with CBM
  • C.T.L. & Sharen Spear - serving in Florida.
  • Willis & Neusa Stitt - serving in Brazil
  • Leandro & Julie Tarrataca - serving in Brazil
  • Dr. Greg and Linda Waller - serving in Mexico
  • Tony & Elizabeth Weedor - serving in Colorado
  • Don & Lola Winans - serving in Australia
  • Topeka Rescue Mission -
  • Hospitals of Hope -
  • Lighthouse -
  • KBUZ

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life Groups

    Life Groups

    Will begin September 7th at 6:00 pm.

    * Hermeneutics | facilitated by Pastor James Keller | Some people may read God's Word as a devotional, to derive inspiration for living. However, in so doing, they may overlook large sections of scripture never applying them to their lives deeming themselves unable to understand their content. God's Word must be understood before it can be applied to real live. God intended for us to understand the scriptures. He would never have given them to us, as He did protecting them from error had He not intended for us to understand them and apply them to our daily living.
    * I & II Timothy | led by Jack West | Paul's letter to Timothy gives instruction on the organization of the church and the responsibilities of a teacher/pastor. We all should be teachers who are spreading the Gospel. I & II Timothy provides the tools for us to better understand how to be an effective teacher.
    *Children of the Day - I & II Thessalonians | Beth Moore ladies' study led by Jeanne Keller. The New Testament believers carried the Spirit of God as they walked along the shores of Thessalonica, just as you carry that Light today.